About the Falcon GT Club of Victoria 

Our mission and goals:

Promote the enjoyment and sharing of good will and mateship derived from owning a Falcon GT manufactured in Australia from 1967 on, and engage in such social and other events as may be agreeable to the membership, in harmony with the Club's general objectives. We promote cooperation with other Falcon GT Clubs throughout Australia and NZ through the exchange of knowledge, ideas and National Concourse Events.

Specific goals:

  • To bring together people interested in the Falcon GT marque.

  • To promote social activities.

  • To collect and disseminate technical and mechanical information for the benefit of Falcon GT owners.

  • Personal and professional integrity is our guiding value in all that we do with honesty, loyalty, respect, and high ethical standards paramount in our Club success.

  • It is our obligation as members to treat the public and one another with dignity, consideration and mutual respect. A caring approach enhances good relations and stimulates a supportive Club atmosphere.

  • Build and maintain relationships amongst all our members by means of communication and participation at Club Functions.

  • To promote and conduct club runs, displays / shows / motoring and motorsport activities.



What we do:

We offer a wide range of car related driving and social activities such as: Day trips and Road Trips, picnics & social gatherings, tech sessions, Falcon GT displays and Concourse events, events with other Car Clubs and more.

Club benefits include: In addition to the camaraderie and friendships developed by participating in events with fellow Falcon GT enthusiasts, we work actively to obtain, identify, develop NOS genuine and reproduction Falcon parts and accessories whilst a key focus is on maintaining and restoring Falcon GT’s.